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3 Ways to Enhance Your Chicago Home for Spring with Custom Window Replacement

March 23, 2017

By: ExcelWindows

March 23, 2017

Although we’ve had a lack of snow here in Chicago with unseasonably warm temperatures, many homeowners are still longing for spring to officially arrive. Aside from watching nature spring to life with flowers in bloom, spring is also a popular time to move forward with home improvement projects. Window replacement is one of the most popular projects this time of year, and it’ll also help homeowners prepare for the hot summer that lies ahead.


If you’re in the beginning stages of considering window replacement for your Chicago home, here are the top ways you can successfully boost your curb appeal as we enter the new season:


Tip #1: Choose Window Styles to Complement Your Architecture

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs has a lot of varying and unique styles of architecture, ranging from Victorian-era homes to cozy condos. The first step to enhancing your home on a visual level is by choosing the right replacement window styles for your home.


victorian house chicago replacement windowsFor example, Victorian homes contain an eclectic mix of residential windows.  You’ll find styles such as double hung, bay windows, and even geometric windows. On the other hand, colonial style homes often have a lot of double hung windows, although a picture window can also work well with this type of home.


Living in a bungalow? Double hung windows with grids are the perfect complement for this architecture. Tudor homes stand out with groups of double hung windows featuring diamond grids, while contemporary homes look best with slider windows.


 Tip #2: Get Custom Features for Your Window Replacement Project

Who says that you need to live with a run-of-the-mill replacement window? There are dozens of decorative features available to take your curb appeal to the next level.


decorative window grid patternDecorative grid patterns can add a special touch to a modern home, and they can even make replacement windows on a historic home look more authentic. Don’t forget that decorative glass is an excellent option for setting your windows apart from the rest, with features including jewel cut, colored, and decorative glass patterns.


Keep in mind that working directly with a custom window replacement company will give you the best options for decorative features. Chicago homeowners can choose from a variety of unique colors and styles for adding their personal touch.


 Tip #3: Include Energy Saving Features for Maximum Performance

Even the most beautiful window in the world won’t perform without energy saving features. This is the key to keeping your utility bills low and more money in your bank account.


As you’re shopping for new windows, don’t skimp on energy saving options such as argon gas, foam frame and sash, or even triple pane glass. It’s also important to choose windows that are certified by Energy Star—this signifies that your new replacement windows are built to perform throughout Chicago’s wildly fluctuating seasons.


chicago house replacement windowsTo truly enhance your home with new windows this spring, please request a free design consultation with one of our professionals. We’ll help you transform your home from the inside out with quality craftsmanship that’s built to last.

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