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Patio Doors

Are the patio doors on your home an eyesore, or do they not work as well as you’d like? Many homeowners let their patio doors go because they aren’t sure what they want or who to call to replace them. At Excel Windows, we would be happy to help you find the patio doors that suit your home well. We’d love to help you find the patio doors you’ve always wanted.

Whether you have a large patio and a multi-paneled door or a single door that opens into a small patio, we want to make your home the best it can possibly be. If you have an older sliding glass door or even a regular door to your patio, there’s a good chance that you are losing hot and cold air out of it. Until a few years ago, the technology simply didn’t exist to allow doors to help keep this air in, rather than let it out.

A new patio door could save you money in energy costs, especially if your current door has a lot of glass or loose caulking around the edges. Our doors are all designed to make it easier on your comfort control systems. They help keep cold air in your house in the summer and hot air inside in the winter, so these systems don’t have to work so hard. This means that you save on utility costs all year round.

Our patio doors are also designed with security in mind. The doors come with keyed, dual-point grappling hook locks and the ones with handles can easily be upgraded to include keys and multi-point locks with four locking points. When you need more security, we are here for you. We want you to be able to sleep easy and night and we will help you get patio doors that let you do that.

They may be secure, but they look positively decorative. Our doors can feature stained glass, different grid patterns, decorative trim, and more. We’ll help you match your door to the style of your house to enhance its overall look and feel. Want internal shades or blinds? We have door styles that offer that, too.

No matter what you need in a patio door, we’ll help you find what you’re looking for. Make your house the home of your dreams with a patio door from Excel Windows.

Why Excel?

We have been in the window and door business since 1977. We have seen the technology in these products grow and change, so we have a great understanding of the products on your home now and how our products could not only change the look and feel of your home, but also save you money on energy costs every month. We want to help you make the most of your home and feel like you live in a castle, and we’ll work hard to make that happen. Let us show you why so many people in Chicago have been so glad they went with Excel for their new patio doors.

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