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Entry Doors

Have you dreamed about getting new entry doors for your home but you’re not sure where to start? Many homeowners wonder if spending money on entry doors is worth it, or if it’s just another way to waste money on their home. At Excel Windows, we can answer all of your questions about entry doors. We would be happy to send out a door expert who can help you decide whether new entry doors are right for you and your family right now.

If you do decide on new entry doors, we’ll help you select the best doors for your home. We’ll talk to you about price, about the look you’re going for, and about the style of door you like best. If you’re not sure what you want, we will bring images of doors we have done and ones in our collection, so you can have some help figuring out what you want for your home. We will make sure that you get doors that fit your space, that suit the style of your home, and that make a statement.

There are a few benefits to getting new entry doors. These include:

  • Increased security. If you’re not sure you feel safe in your home, a new entry door can do a lot to help you rest easier. Our doors don’t look like security doors, but they are made to keep you and your family safe. We can add additional security features, based on what you want and need. If security is an issue for you, let us know and we can talk through all of the options.
  • Increased curb appeal. If you don’t like the way your house looks on the outside or you are looking to sell it soon, a new entry door can help make it look even better than it already does. When people want to come inside your house, they might be more likely to buy it and even to pay a premium.
  • Greater weather resistance. Door technology has grown rapidly, so doors that are even a few years old may not resist weather as well as new entry doors will. We know that there’s a lot of bad weather in the Chicago area, and new entry doors can not only make your home look better now but keep it looking good for a long time. Weather resistant doors also mean that you don’t have to work as hard to keep your door looking good.
  • A more stylish home. If your home has a certain style, your door should emulate that style and even add to it. We can help give your home more of a Craftsman, Victorian, or modern look. When you want to add flavor to your home, an entry door can help you quite a bit!

If you’d like to ask some questions about new entry doors or if you’re ready to order one, call us at Excel Windows today. We’ll come out when it’s convenient for you and help you make great choices for your home.

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Schedule a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION with One of Our Experienced Professionals. No Obligation. No Pressure.