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This is Ruining Your Monthly Utility Budget

June 30, 2017

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June 30, 2017

No one likes a surprise bill in the mail—especially when you’ve carefully budgeted your spending down to the last penny. Unfortunately, high energy bills are common during the summer here in Chicago. With air conditioning rates costing Americans $29 billion annually, it’s a real downer when your utility bill shows up costing a lot more than you expected.

However, the reality is that there is a culprit behind those skyrocketing energy bills—and this is what’s ruining your monthly utility budget:


Those Bottom Dollar Replacement Windows

Did you snag an offer for new replacement windows that’s too good to be true? If you paid an exceptionally low price for your new windows, you might notice that your cooling costs are almost as much as your mortgage payment.


This is because low cost windows typically don’t include energy saving features such as argon and krypton gas. These gases are thermal insulators that improve the efficiency of the window. Without these features, your window is simply filling a hole in the wall.


No Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Monthly Utility Budget

Windows that are certified by Energy Star are a step above the rest. This certification signifies that your energy bills won’t rob you of your money month after month, since they include today’s top technologies for energy efficiency.


What do these features include? These windows will include the previously mentioned argon or krypton gas. They will also consist of dual or triple pane glass, and one or more applications of Low-e coating to block out harmful UV rays.


Your Windows’ Bad Installation Job

Chicago window installation is an important (and often overlooked) aspect of new replacement windows. If your windows are improperly installed, you’re bound to lose energy through areas such as the window frame and even where the sill meets the sash.

Chicago replacement window installation Monthly Utility Budget

Unfortunately, this can be a complicated fix. You can’t simply add a bit of caulking or new weatherstripping to improve efficiency of the window. This is why it’s vitally important to hire professional replacement window companies here in Chicago for both products and installation.


Your Single Pane Windows

If you’re living in an old (even historic) home within Chicago and it’s suburbs, you might be scratching your head over your high utility bills. Many homes built before the 1980s originally contained single pane windows, with homeowners choosing to leave them in place for cosmetic or even budget purposes.


The downside is that single pane windows are extremely inefficient. This is why they were essentially phased out and replaced with dual pane glass. Single pane will simply deplete your month utility budget along with your bank account.


Make Your Energy Dollars Count

Energy efficient window installation is key to keeping your utility bills low, especially when temperatures rise into the 80s and beyond.


The best way to help lower your energy bills this summer is upgrading with replacement windows that are engineered to keep your home as cool as possible. Always trust the Energy Star logo and work with a reputable Chicago replacement window company for best results.

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