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Custom Windows in Wheeling

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When you are looking for replacement windows in Wheeling, IL, call us at Excel. We have window professionals standing by who can come to your home when it’s convenient, take measurements, talk you through our custom options, and help you select new windows that will improve your home and your life.

We can help you with your door replacement in Wheeling, too. We’ll get you the front door, side door, back door, sliding glass door, or any other door that you need. Our doors are custom-made to fit your house and to have all of the features that you’ve always wanted. We can also help you with safety and security, so your new door will look good and help you feel good, too.

When we say that our doors and windows will improve your life, we aren’t kidding. In fact, we believe that we are helping people to live better every day when we help them get the windows that their home needs. Here are just a few of the ways you can live better with replacement windows in Wheeling.

  • Be more comfortable in your house. You can lose a lot of hot and cold air out of your windows. In fact, until recently, there was no way to build windows so that they didn’t lose air. Now, new technology has allowed us to design custom windows from vinyl. They look like glass and feel like glass, but they work to keep your home at whatever temperature you want it, year round.
  • Save money. Since our windows help your home maintain temperature, you won’t use as much energy running your heater and air conditioner. In fact, you can use quite a bit less. Many of our customers see changes in their energy bills from the very first month after they install replacement windows in Wheeling. You can also save because you won’t have to replace your heater or A/C as often. Since they aren’t working as hard, chances are good that the will last longer.
  • Save the planet. Using less energy is great for the planet and for reducing the human footprint upon it. New windows can help you live greener than ever before!
  • Improve your home security. Our windows and doors utilize the latest security measures to make sure you are safe in your house. Older windows and doors have older security mechanisms, and these may not work as well as the newer ones. If security is a big concern for you, talk to use about how we can help you today.
  • Implement custom features. When you put in our windows and doors, you’ll get to choose from a variety of custom features. Choose the pattern on the windows, the trim color, any hardware, and more. We’ll help you match your windows to your home, or to the home you’ve always dreamed of having!

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