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Replacement Windows in Arlington Heights

Is it time to think about new windows for your Arlington Heights home? Have you heard that new windows can make a real difference in your home but you’re not sure how to get started? Give us a call at Excel Windows and we will come to you whenever it’s convenient. We’ll help you figure out whether you need replacement windows in Arlington Heights, which windows you’d want to replace, and any custom features you might decide to install.

Replacement Windows in Arlington HeightsNot sure if it’s time to install windows? Here are some signs that it’s time to think about new windows.

  • You’re spending a lot on heating and cooling bills every month. If you’re spending more money than you think you should be to heat and cool your home and you’re windows have never been replaced, it’s time to think about new windows. You can lose quite a bit of hot and cold air through older windows, so your comfort systems have to work harder to replace that. If you don’t lose the air, you won’t have to pay to replace it.
  • Your windows are cracked or have stains and streaks that you can’t clean off. Windows tend to get damaged over time. They may get broken or cracked, or you may get something on them that you can’t get off. If you have too many of these, you may need replacement windows in Arlington Heights to fully remove the stains.
  • You feel drafts coming in your windows, or it’s always colder when you sit next to your windows. Older windows lose heat because, when they were made, the technology didn’t exist to make them so that they would keep heat in. if you’re cold when you’re by your windows, the best solution is new windows.
  • You’re updating or upgrading the exterior of your home. If you’re improving the overall look and feel of your house, custom windows can add a lot to make your house look new or different. If you’re going to redo everything else, you should consider redoing your windows, too.

When it comes to replacement windows in Arlington Heights, all of ours are custom built. You can add all sorts of features, like different grid patterns, different trim colors, and more. We can advise you as to the window features that generally go with houses that look like yours, or you can choose whatever you want on your own. We’ll have the windows made according to your specifications and get them installed, too.

We handle door replacement in Arlington Heights, too. Whether you need a new front door, a sliding glass door, a screen door, or something completely different, we’ll help you get a door that will keep your home safe and secure, and that will look good, too! Don’t settle for any old door! Get one that will make your home look beautiful and stylish, all while giving you the level of security that you need to rest easy all night long.

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