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The Amazing Truth About Cold Weather Window Installation Revealed

By: ExcelWindows

November 28, 2017

You know that you need to replace your windows. You feel the drafts in your home and you’re turning on the heat during the chilly autumn nights. If you think you missed the window of opportunity for window installation, think again. Installing windows in the winter is slightly more challenging, but it’s beneficial in terms of warmth, energy savings, and sometimes price.

If you plan to install windows this winter, this is what you can expect during the process and the results thereafter.

Cold Weather Window Installation, men installing window

Will Cold Weather Window Installation Freeze Out Your Home?

Many homeowners believe that installing windows in cold weather will make their homes feel like an icebox. However, this isn’t the case—at least for window contractors who know what they’re doing.


There are several steps to take to ensure energy is conserved as much as possible. These steps include:

  • Keeping interior doors closed: This is one of the easiest ways to block energy flow through the home. Your window contractor will close necessary interior doors to block energy from escaping
  • Replacing one window at a time. This allows the window contractor to isolate the installation process to one room at a time. If there is a door, this can be kept shut so cold air doesn’t make its way through the rest of your home
  • Creating a barrier with floor-to-ceiling plastic.
    Even if there isn’t a door in the room where a new window is being installed, there’s no need to worry. window installation in cold weather, man hangs plastic wallProfessional window contractors may use a plastic sheet that stretches from floor to ceiling. This technique blocks incoming cold air from flowing into the room or the rest of your home


What are the Benefits of Installing Windows in Cold Weather?
You might be surprised to learn that there are upsides to installing windows in cold weather—despite the freezing temperatures.

When you opt to install windows this time of year, you might experience the following:

 Benefit #1: Better Prices, Big Savings
During the holiday season, most people are focused on parties, cooking, and gift-giving. This is advantageous to you since window companies may offer special promotions to drum up interest. You can find major discounts, free installation, and more this time of year.


Benefit #2: Faster Installation Time
While this depends on the type of window you order, you can possibly experience faster installation time during the colder months. This is because window installation is in less demand this time of year, which means manufacturing and installation can have a faster turnaround time.


cold weather window installation save money

Benefit #3: Start Saving Energy Now

Why wait until winter is over to start saving energy? Since outdated windows can account for 20% of a home’s lost energy, time is of the essence. Installing windows in the winter will help lower your utility bills sooner rather than later.


Enjoy a Warmer Home this Winter
Stay cozy this winter season with energy efficient replacement windows. If you have questions or concerns about installing windows in cold weather, contact Excel Windows for more information.

cold weather window installation, house in winter




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