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4 Signs Your Home Isn’t Ready for Autumn

By: ExcelWindows

September 20, 2017

The leaves on the trees are beginning to change, and we all know that cooler weather is around the corner. While we’ll eventually pull out our sweaters and boots to prepare for the change in season, your home’s exterior may have some preparing to do as well.

But how do you know if your home is ready for autumn, and what should you do if you discover that its components won’t hold up for another season? These are the signs that you might run into some trouble with your exterior this autumn:

4020745 - burning candle in the wind on black background1. Your Fall-Scented Candles Dance in the Breeze

If the candle flames on your coffee table start dancing while your windows are closed, you’re in for some trouble this autumn. This is a sign that your windows are allowing a significant amount of energy to escape, especially if the candle flames aren’t right next to your window.


The trouble here is that air is getting into your home by way of several entry points: the frame, the sash, or where the rail meets the sash. If there is an air leak around the frame, there is likely a disconnect between the wall and the window. Improper installation may be the culprit here, and replacing may be the best option.

excel windows cold inside house

2. You’re Already Wearing Your Winter Boots—Inside

Who wants to wear winter boots while you’re trying to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix? If your home is so cold that you’re left shivering in your boots and sweater, inefficient windows may be costing you comfort and energy dollars.


This is especially the case if your energy efficient glass package is failing. If you’re living with single pane windows, this will only make the indoor air temperature worse. Upgrading with dual or even triple pane glass will help maintain a warm and consistent indoor temperature.


rotted window sill excel widows

3. Your Window Frames are Suited for a Horror Movie Set

Old and outdated window frames work great if they’re featured in an upcoming horror film, but it doesn’t work so well in real life. Not only is it unattractive, it can even deteriorate and rot away if it’s made of wood. This will compromise the structural integrity of your home and dramatically decrease your curb appeal.


Choosing quality vinyl frames will help give your exterior a facelift. They are also resistant to rot, peeling, and chipping. These windows will remain pristine looking for years without an ounce of effort.


home ready for autumn excel windows4. Your Utility Bills are Biting into Your Budget

You’d probably like some extra cash this fall to buy some pumpkins for the front porch, get a head start on purchasing Halloween candy, or splurge for a new autumn wardrobe. If your utility bills are making it impossible to enjoy your hard-earned cash, something needs to change—and upgrading your windows can help keep more dollars in your wallet.


Don’t Wait Until Winter to Upgrade Your Exterior

If you’re struggling with indoor discomfort this autumn, don’t wait until freezing winter weather for replacement projects. Tackle replacement projects now to experience energy savings and a more comfortable home.


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