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3 Ways New Window Installation Will Improve Your Chicago Area Home

By: ExcelWindows

April 25, 2017

Springtime is in full swing, and a lot of Chicago homeowners are looking to improve the style and function of their homes from the inside out. While there are countless home improvement projects that you can dive into this season, window installation is one of the most popular. When you consider all of the benefits that come along with installing new windows, it comes as no surprise that homeowners choose this upgrade time and time again.

Here are the 3 ways that new window installation is bound to improve your Chicago home this spring season:

#1: New Windows Maximize Air Ventilationopen window new window installation Chicago

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh breeze in the spring time? If you’re yearning for some fresh air circulation this season, window installation is a surefire way to get the fresh smell of spring rain and flowers right into your living room.

This is especially the case if your current windows are difficult to open and close. While this is sometimes a result of needing to clean your window tracks, sticky windows may also indicate that your product is passed its prime. Consider window styles such as casement windows and slider windows for maximized airflow.

 #2: Increase Natural Light in the Home

While spring can be a rainy season here in Chicago, it also has its sunny days. When the sun decides to peak from behind the clouds, this is the perfect opportunity to increase the amount of light in your home with window installation.

light shine through window new window installation ChicagoIf you’re looking for a lot of light, consider installing a bay or bow. Bay windows and bow windows are large window units that offer a double whammy: they maximize ventilation while offering sweeping views of the outdoors.

Furthermore, if you don’t add extra aesthetic features such as decorative glass and grids, this will allow sunlight to make its way into your home without interruption.

Keep in mind that if increased natural light is your goal, you’ll want to be sure that your new windows include low-e coating. This low-e coating is invisible to the naked eye and prevents harmful UV rays from ruining your flooring, furniture, and more.

#3: Get a Head Start on Summer Energy Savings

Spring is a mild season, but we all know what’s next: the dog days of summer. Window installation during the springtime will help you stay a step ahead of energy savings next season—and with an average temperature of 84 degrees in July, we’re willing to bet that you’re looking for ways to beat the heat.

Energy efficient windows are key to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature while keeping your utility bills low. For example, argon gas is used between the window panes for maximum energy savings, while foam-filled frames help increase insulation of the window throughout the seasons.

 Enjoy Year-Long Advantages with Energy Efficient Windows

Keep in mind that window installation can also result in savings of up to $465 per year—this is especially the case when selecting windows certified by Energy Star. Consider installing quality vinyl replacement windows and experience the advantages all year long.

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